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It all started with two guys and ended up being eight guys and a girl – the Hi!Fly gang of talented producers and our dedicated management is now complete. From an art gallery basement to the biggest festival stages, we have gone zero to hero in the Budapest tech-house scene. Encouraged by the appraisal from top international DJs performing with us at Hi!Fly clubnights during the previous years and driven by the unstoppable ambition to share our own music, we have decided to widen our horizon and show our music to the world. With a selection of impeccable tech house tracks and an ever-growing passion to write and share more, the Hi!Fly team is ready for the quantum leap. After an almost endless summer of the craziest boat parties on the Danube, and performances at the coolest festivals in the country, the crew is also working on new releases – more sublime tech house tracks to make you Fly. Hi!