What is common in the following artists: Karotte, Reboot, Monika Kruse, Kölsch, Hot Since 82? This is not a rhetorical question, and the answer from 19th Dec is: they all performed at Hi!Fly birthday events. For the fifth time, we again picked a trump card from the pack and booked one of the most demanded dj/producer of our scene, the Leeds-based Daley Padley aka Hot Since 82. After five years, five residents and a five star act make sure that it will be hard to outstrip this feast.

His career started in 2010: he was attending an Ibiza afterparty when the music suddenly cut out. He plugged his phone into the party’s speakers, and incidentally, one of his works-in-progress came on. Though he had admittedly not made the track with the intent of releasing it, reactions at the party were roundly positive, causing him to contact his friend, the Danish Noir. Noir was impressed, and released it on his label. ‘Let It Ride’ came out on Noir Music, hitting number three on Beatport’s deep house chart. Thus, Hot Since 82 was born. After only two years of releasing his music, Daley was featured on Pete Tong’s authoritative Essential Mix show on BBC Radio 1 in 2013, and also released his first full-length album, ’Little Black Book’. Launched his own imprint, Knee Deep in Sound this year and releases his first mix compilation under the same name in November with four brand new tracks of his own. It’s hard to find a spot on the planet where organizers haven’t invited him yet, and he dives with full of energy and no lack of smiles into the unending tours. Shall we mention, how much we’re waiting for him?

The Hi!Fly residents Yvel & Tristan, Sobek, James Grow and PALMFooD will be dropping extra sets that will unsurprisingly feature Hi!Fly anthems of the last five years – this is the event where we’ll just let it all go. See you on the 19th December in PRLMNT!

Visual: Digitalistik