On the 29th November, after hosting Adam Port and &ME twice, we are launching a new event series with Keinemusik, which was founded in 2009 – the same year as Hi!Fly. The ever growing popularity of their label is not without reason, and it seems our stories are locking into each other for a long time. Performing one by one, the members (Rampa, &ME, David Mayer, Adam Port) will all have the chance to show their own worlds to the fans in Budapest.

Rampa is the first one in the relay, a professional dj and producer with an attitude of a party animal. Besides own productions, he’s got some collaborations under his belt. Particularly with the rest of the Keinemusik bunch, but we also don’t have to introduce his duo with Re.You, called RAR. He also delivered some massive tracks with the members of Hercules & Love Affair and Azari & III. His name on realases on Keinemusik, Cocoon, Moon Harbour, Saved, Souvenir, Gigolo, Strictly Rhythm, Rebirth, Defected – a list of labels that shows his versatile personality and musical taste. In his spare time (how come he has some?) he tailors the new dj/live effect module, Keinemusik Teil1 which will be distributed by his own company, Teile in 2015.

The support acts on this night are our Hi!Fly residents: Yvel & Tristan, Sobek, James Grow and PALMFooD. Y’all get ready for a crazy night!

Offline & online presale information soon!